"Alex has really changed my life, and I am incredibly grateful.  After struggling with my weight for almost 50 years, Alex helped me make sense of everything.  She finally gave me a solution that works in every way for me and my body.  I thought I knew everything about food, but I really didn't know a lot.  Alex taught me how, with the right balance of food, I would be much less hungry, could lose weight, enjoy cooking and going out, and never feel deprived.  I started with Alex telling her that if this didn't work then I would just be overweight for the rest of my life.  Nearly 30 pounds later, I can soundly say that Alex is a genius.  She is modest, but the truth is, she is a powerhouse of knowledge.  She is always encouraging, never makes me feel badly about anything I eat, and consistently gives me guidance and pointers to make sure that I learn about my body and what food helps optimally fuel it.  Anyone who is dedicated to educating themselves to have more energy, more satisfaction in every bite they take, and never feeling deprived should embrace working with Alex.  And if you are someone like me, who had really given up on ever losing weight after dieting my whole life, believing only that I was predestined to always be overweight, I cannot recommend her highly enough." - M.S.

​"Working with Alex was the best decision I ever could have made.  Even though I did not have insurance coverage for the sessions, she was worth her weight in gold.  We always think we can lose weight ourselves and people think it’s crazy to spend money on this.  In the past, I spent so much on different programs, different foods, as so many people do, but I never made long-term permanent changes like I’ve begun to do while working with Alex.  I have lost 38.5 pounds so far.
  The best part is the time I spend with her is all for me, and she personalizes everything.  She helped me with my specific likes and dislikes (I have always been a fussy eater), and in conjunction with my health issues, she is extremely knowledgeable.  We started out by her keeping things simple and streamlined, so I would not get overwhelmed, which I definitely would have.  When faced with needing to lose a good deal of weight, it is easy to become discouraged.  She is the best cheerleader.  Alex pointed out to me often by “successes,” which I had not felt were successes…Another great thing about Alex is that she totally simplifies everything and helps us achieve success in a very practical way… She is the most positive and enthusiastic person I ever worked with on health issues…She fully appreciates each individual situation. 
  The very best thing about work with Alex is this: so many dietitians and related health care professionals unconsciously “lump” overweight people together and have a tendency to “blame the victim” and feed into the guilt the person is already suffering.  This not only doesn’t help but makes the person feel worse and may feel too discouraged to continue.  I never felt this way with Alex, who seems completely aware of the complexities each overweight individual is facing.
  Alex helped me to constantly update my goals and …I already achieved my original goal without feeling deprived at all.  I will continue to see Alex for as long as possible.  I feel healthier, more in control, and confident than ever or after any weight loss program.  With her inspirational help, I am and will continue to be successful.  I know this 100%, I can do this the rest of my life." - M.C.

"I feel so appreciative of the gift I gave myself when I contacted Alex.  At the time, I had just received a diagnosis of diabetes with an extremely high fasting glucose.  For the first weekend, I essentially ate almost nothing because I was not sure what I could eat.  After extensive online research, I contacted Alex.  During our first meeting, she shared her knowledge, resources, and personalized approach to working with clients.  I have been diligently following the plan we developed together.  I often hear her pleasant voice in my head asking me about a choice I'm thinking about making.  It is reassuring to have an accountability partner.  As a result of our earlier work, my A1C went from 13.6 to 6.9 in just three months.  Three months later it is down to 5.7.  I have also dropped several dress sizes.  I look forward to continuing to build on our success while maintaining my overall wellness and renewed commitment to my health.  I give Alex credit to everyone who asks me how I did "it." - S.G.B

"After struggling with my weight and destructive food behaviors for years, Alex has helped me overcome many of my former habits.  Within minutes of meeting her it is clear that nutrition counseling is not just a career for her; rather it is something she is very passionate about.  Alex is kind, compassionate, and possesses a wealth of knowledge about her field.  Unlike other people I have worked with, Alex designs a unique plan around the individual and does not employ a "one size fits all" method.  She also provides an immense amount of support and makes herself available to her clients, which I believe is a vital component of achieving nutritional wellness.  Looking back, it is astounding to see the changes I have made since working with Alex.  While I am proud of my accomplishments, I credit Alex fully will helping me achieve my goals and teaching me how to live a much healthier lifestyle." - L.O.

"I am a mother of two young children who were struggling with serious gastrointestinal issues that plagued them for a year.  Over the course of a year I brought my children to three medical/pediatric specialists who advised me to give my children medications to manage their G.I. issues.  I have always fed my children natural, organic, non GMO foods, so I never questioned their diet.  I decided to bring my children to a nutritionist as a last resort because nothing was helping them get better.  I researched dietitian/nutritionists and what their credentials truly mean.  I found Alex and was immediately impressed with her experience, education, and credentials.  Alex worked with me and my children for several months.  Alex taught my children how to manage their G.I. issues and helped me get them off of the medication they were prescribed.  We did this in conjunction with the pediatrician who fully supported Alex's approach.  Our children are 'back to normal.'  Thank you so much Alex for making a difference in our lives." - Dawn P., White Plains, NY  

"I highly recommend Alex's nutrition practice and am eager to rave about her work.  I am a diabetic who had an A1C of 9.3%.  I was facing a lifelong insulin regimen, but fortunately found Alex before it started.  In less than six months after our first session, my A1C was down to 6.8%.  This dramatic decrease was accomplished through remarkable tweaks to my diet and exercise.  Alex's approach combines her excellent skill set with a rare empathetic nature that taps into her clients' specific needs.  For me, that meant choosing better foods for my body type with subtle and consistent dietary changes.  My sessions with Alex were highly motivating, and focused squarely on accomplishments and growth.  Thanks to Alex for helping me achieve my seemingly impossible goal." - D.S.

​"I want to state that coming to see Alex was the "best decision" I have made in regards to my health.  For years, I have struggled from severe bloating, constipation and gastritis.  I have many good friends and colleagues who are dietitians themselves and have tried to make sense of my dilemma.  My lifestyle has always been one of healthy eating and exercise yet, I often suffered from the discomfort.  As a last resort, I scheduled an appointment with Alex.  During our first visit, she conducted a detailed evaluation and actively listened to my concerns.  She had me complete a daily food log for two weeks.  I was somewhat skeptical as my colleagues used this tool in the past.  However, on my second visit she meticulously reviewed my logs and explained that I was overindulging in dairy products primarily milk on a daily basis.  I was amazed to realize that my favorite foods were in fact the culprit.  After adjusting my diet, Alex recommended that I track my stomach symptoms.  I can happily say that I have been symptom free and I feel fabulous.  Despite my professional contacts, Alex was the only one who was able to identify my triggers.  Alex is a miracle worker.  I will forever be grateful for her help in achieving a better understanding of my dietary needs." - M.C.

"In the past few months, I've been a patient of Alex and it's been GREAT!  In the time that I have worked with her, I have learned valuable lifelong lessons when it comes to snacking, eating out, preparing foods, and what foods are best for my skin/weight loss.  One thing that I am very happy about is that she has not put me on a rigid "diet" but instead, she has taught me how to improve my eating habits with the foods that I normally eat.  Her techniques have improved my quality of life.  I am no longer tired, I have more energy to work out and overall, I feel younger.  The best part is that I lost weight and it was done effortlessly.  Alex has such a wide knowledge base when it comes to weight loss and it has made working with her such a pleasure!  She is caring, attentive and very flexible with scheduling appointments.  My experience with Alex has been such a success that I have referred her to many of my friends!" - L.H. 

"I have worked with many nutritionists, but Alex has been the only professional to help me lose weight and maintain my weight loss.  I have also been able to go off insulin and my cholesterol medication.  Alex truly understands the science behind my health conditions and created a plan based on my lifestyle, preferences and medical history.  She is compassionate, engaging and extremely enjoyable to work with.  Alex doesn't just tell me what to eat but has helped me break my unhealthy habits and form new ones with a plan that I have been able to maintain.  I have never felt better in my life and would never have been able to lose weight and improve my health without Alex." - J.S.

"I can only use superlatives to describe Alex Corwin as a nutritionist.  She really educated me about healthy food choices and provided me with specific and practical guidelines for a healthy diet.  Alex is excellent in her field - a true professional, customizing her advice to my individual concerns.  She is also very accommodating about scheduling appointments."  - S.G.